Week beginning 6th February


As we draw towards the end of another term, it’s time to find out what the children have learnt.  That means that there will be assessments dotted around this week in writing, maths, science and grammar, punctuation and spelling, taking us a little out of our usual routines.

The writing assessment will be the culmination of our persuasive writing learning, where the children will have the opportunity to show the techniques we have been investigating, and it will be no surprise that our maths assessment will focus on everything we have (hopefully) learnt about fractions.

Fractions will also be the subject of our learning on Wednesday, where you are invited to join us from 2:30pm, which is intended to show you as ‘normal’ a lesson as possible and will give you the opportunity to work alongside your child.

Tuesday is Safer Internet Day, where we are looking at how photos shared online can potentially stay there forever and reach a wider audience than intended.  Thank you to those who have already brought in their photographs.

In case you need a reminder, Friday is the last day of Term 3, with Term 4 starting on Tuesday 21st February.

Congratulations to Ryan who received our behaviour award last week.


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