Week Beginning 6th February 2017

We made it Team Green, another term of Juniors under our belts, it sure has been a challenging one!

For this final week, we have assessments to see where the children are at with their learning.  These assessments will ONLY be on what the children have been taught so far and are not to worry anyone.  We need to know the levels the children are working at so we can plan according to their needs for term 4.  

The writing assessment will be following our term on KrindleKrax.  The children could not have had more input if I tried!  I am expecting therefore, fantastic stories set in an imaginary world from them.  We will have assessments in maths, science and SPaG also.

Tuesday is Safer Internet Day where we will be looking at keeping our children safe on the net and seeing just how putting an 'innocent' photo on line can stay there forever!

Wednesday is our open afternoon where you are welcome to come and look at our learning and join in with our Geography lesson on volcanoes and tectonic plates, I won't be testing you!  I think your children will love showing you what they are capable of as they have really been engaged in our Volcanoes topic.

Congratulations to Chloe who won our merit award.  I was on a PE course on Friday so I did not get to do the pupil and table group of the week.

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