Lots to squeeze into our last week of term 3.

To fill our final week of term we will be editing and writing up our last letter to Paddington Bear in English, as well as writing a letter to Aunt Lucy. This letter will show off all the skills of letter writing that we have mastered so far. In maths we will be finishing off our topic of 3D shapes and their features. We will complete out Mezinger pictures in art to complete our Landscapes and Cityscapes art gallery. Our PE lessons will bring our bat and ball skills to a close while our science lesson will involve manipulating different materials to see what materials bend, twist, stretch or squash. If fact, we hope to see some of you during our science lesson on Wednesday afternoon from 2:30. 

I hope you all have a fun and restful week off and we look forward to a busy and productive Term 4!

ReturnFeb 5, 2017