We are kick starting Term 4 by learning all about London's 'Naughty Bus' (By Jan and Jerry Oke). 

In our first week back we will be recreating the scenes from the story. This may be a little messy since the bus gets into all sorts of trouble around the house. We will be sequencing and retelling the story using pictures and sentences. We will also be using our imaginations to think about where else the bus might get into trouble. 

In Maths we will be thinking about working out one less than any number to 20. We will be doing practical activities such as setting up a bus where one passenger gets off at a time - how many are left now? We will also be revisiting sharing to ensure the children are able to share amounts equally. 

We know that a lot of the children have been telling you about our petal challenge and you may have seen the certificates. We thought it would be useful to quickly explain this. Each week we set 5 challenges for the afternoons which the children can choose to do. For each one they complete they receive a petal for their flower. If they get 5 petals they receive a certificate and are entered into a prize draw to win a prize. Here are the challenges for this week (since we are only at school for 4 days we have stuck to 4 challenges):

1. The Writing Table - we will be covering a table with paper - can you add some writing to the table? 

2. The London buses are numbered and need to be put in the correct order before being put in the garage for the night. Can you order them correctly?

3. Can you make a garage for the buses to be stored in? You can use anything in to room to make it. 

4. Make a collage for a scene where the Naughty Bus could go. Use a variety of resources and materials. 

We look forward to seeing how many petals the children can get this week and how many certificates we can give out!


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