Week beginning Monday 20th February (although children aren't in school until Tuesday!).

A shortened first week only makes things busier. In the land of our English topic, it will be time to map the island which will lead on to a piece of narrative work as well as some model-making (using K-nex). Alongside this, a real push will start on shaping and enhancing comprehension skills...oh, and watch out for some assessments. Maths will feature the last shreds of fractions before we turn to percentages and the whole binding together of fraction, decimals and percentages with lots of applications thrown in. DT tasks will also start in earnest with learning about and creating cams and followers and there will be a push on to create our books illustrating and describing the work undertaken by the poorer Victorian children. There will be some re-arrangements of the weekly routines as Mrs. Tollervey takes on class-teaching responsibilities in Green Class, (bonjour, la francais) and, for those children in the choir, the competition is just ten days away. Allons!

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