Hopefully everyone is returning refreshed and raring to go as we have a lot to learn over the next few weeks....

We will start the term by completing our assessments and will review these as the week progresses,  picking up on some of the gaps identified, for example prepositions and pronouns in grammar.

In English we will continue to write based on our class novel - Cosmic - starting with a newspaper article about Liam and Florida going missing. Hopefully everyone has managed to complete the book over half term!

In maths we move on to geometry and will revise what we know about angles before moving on to improve our accuracy in identifying missing angles and constructing triangles and quadrilaterals with a specific angles. 

Sats revision homework will resume at the end of the week. Can I remind everyone that it is due on the Wednesday after it is handed out - in this case it will therefore be due on March 1st.

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