Week beginning 27th February 2017

We will finally be making and erupting our volcanoes on Monday afternoon to end our Volcanoes topic - always a favourite part of Geography.

English will move on to diaries after reading the text 'The day I sold my Dad for two goldfish'.  Children will be writing their own diaries by the end of the week!.

Maths moves on to time....always a tricky one!  So please help your child, where possible, if they are trying to tell you the time and encourage them with their knowledge of am and pm.

Children will have Science/DT, PE (Tiger Troop), Music and RE on the days that I work and with Mrs Tollervey they will have French, computing, and History/Art.  They will, of course, have English and Maths every morning.

There were a few children quite upset on Tuesday for Tiger Troop as they didn't have anything to wear other than their PE kit.  Tiger Troop is quite different to our 'normal' PE and the children do need lots of warm layers.  They do get warm towards the end of the session but to start with, when they are doing drill, they do need at least a t-shirt, hoodie and fleece or a similar set of 3 layers.  Plimsoles are not suitable for the activities that Tiger Troop do with the children so they do really need trainers that they can do up and undo themselves as with 30 children on a tight schedule there is not the time to do children's shoelaces.  Any problems with clothing for this activity, please let me know.


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