Week beginning 27/02/17.

A semi-ordinary week...with a few events rolled in for good measure.

Work-wise, we will learn to find percentages of numbers and tackle some percentage problems by applying logic and mathematical knowledge. We will explore our "deserted" island...only to find it's less deserted than we once thought...Comprehension practice will unroll, along with some more GPS practice. In French we will start to learn about directions around our created French town; there will be more netball-based small games in P.E. and DT will expose everyone to the world of cams and followers.

On the event front, a few members of the class will be involved in the inaugural Tunstall School Choir Competition with TEN schools taking part and everyone will be engaged in World Book Day by filming each other reading books for their buddies to enjoy and, if they so wish, dressing up for the occasion. Congratulations to anyone who still has bags of energy left by Friday...

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