A little catch up...we've made a great start to Term 4 by learning two new words...adverbs and homophones and exploring how they make a difference to our reading and writing. We have also been learning about another traveller to London..Dick Whittington!

Congratulations to Freddie, our latest Star of the Week! Freddie has shown himself to be very grown up and helpful recently, as well has being very mature on our new trim-trail.

Coming up this week we will be continuing to explore money in maths by finding change from, 20p, 50p, £1 and £5. In English we will be feeding our new found knowledge of homophones and adverbs into some recounts of Dick Whittington's journey to London, before moving onto a wonderful story about a clever little girl and a Big Friendly Giant!

Don't forget about World Book Day on Thursday! All children (and staff) are invited to dress up as a book character. I do love a homemade costume...mine is coming on well. 


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