Having conquered the basic concepts of multiplication and division next week we will be delving into the world of fractions!

Next week in maths we will be concentrating on fractions of whole objects (eg 2D shapes, 3D shapes and capacity). We will be looking at how to find a half, a quarter and a whole and how to record it using mathematical symbols.

In English we will be continuing with poetry and will be writing our own daffodil poem using lots of lovely adjectives. This will link in with our Science work where we are continuing to learn about plants and trees. I wonder how much our bean plants will have grown?!

In RE we will be learning about the story of Abraham and in DT continuing to learn about how a kite works. We will also be continuing to make our cards in Computing and learning all about the different parts of the United Kingdom in Geography.

Remember you have until Wednesday to order your books from the book fair. The more books we buy the more money we raise for the school to buy more books!

We both look forwards to seeing you on Wednesday and Thursday for parent's consultations.

(PS Miss Adams will not be in on Tuesday she will finding out about this year's phonics screening ready to share any updates on this with you at parent's consultations :-) if you need to give her a message please put it in your child's contact book and she will get it on Wednesday).

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