Week beginning March 6th 2017

Time was a challenge...but I think Mrs Tollervery and myself are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and the children are soon to be expert time tellers!  We have one more week on time which will look at the 24 hour clock, Roman numerals, calendar events and durations.  The children will soon know how long every event you do takes!

English moves on to Arthurian tales, always a good one especially to engage the boys!  Knights of the round table will soon be the order of the day.

Science on Monday will be looking at healthy diets and learning the food groups.

Tiger Troop is really keeping the children fit, never have they done so many press ups, sit ups and running!  They all looked fabulous in their camouflage gear on Tuesday.  Please make sure their gear is in for Tuesday as several calls to parents were required last Tuesday and you really don't want to be dragged back to school!

History is looking at family life through the ages.

Book day was a fantastic day with some great costumes (photos to follow) so thank you for the effort made by you all.

We now have enough bottles to erupt our volcanoes but we need lots more newspaper to cover all the bottles we received so please send any old newspapers in.  The children are very eager to get this task underway.

We hope to see you at parents evening on Wednesday or Thursday.

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