Week beginning 6th March 2017.

Our English topic this week will be dominated by the completion of K-nex traps for the unknown beast spotted on the island and a written account of the perilous journey to find it. With our now central focus on grammar constructions and punctuation precision, clarity and accuracy will be the watchwords as that adventure narrative takes shape. We will also continue our wind up of comprehension skills, trying to tie everything to the core text and not to " common sense" or "what I would do".

Maths will move from percentage/decimal/fraction equivalences to finding percentages of numbers, both multiples of 10% and 1%.

Elsewhere we will develop a few more netball skills, further the building of cams and followers machines and begin to learn the vocabulary of giving and following directions in French. History, which had to take a back seat to World Book Day events last week, will also return, the class learning more about child labour, specifically within the metalworks and mills and factories.

Wednesday and Thursday are of course Consultation Evenings and I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Finally, thank you to those of you who atteneded (or, indeed, worked at) the Choir Competition last Thursday. Feedback from the other schools seems to be very positive and I hope those of you who came enjoyed the event.

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