This week we will be learning all about The Great Fire of London.

We will be learning about what happened in the Great Fire of London and writing down our own facts. We will be talking about what facts are and where you can find them. We will be looking at the difference between London during the fire and now. 

In Mathematics we will be looking at addition. We will be learning about the '+' and '=' sign and how to use manipulatives (e.g. cubes, Numicon) to add two single digit numbers together. 

In Phonics we will be learning 'ow', 'oi' and 'ur' and our tricky word for this week is 'they'. We will be continuing to practise and recap the sounds we have previously learnt. 

As it is a new week we have 5 new challenges:

1. Using lolly sticks build an old London house. Think about how you are going to stick it together and how many you need to use.

2. Watch the ‘fire’ on the board and create a word bank on a whiteboard to describe the fire.

3. Chain link counting. Look at the number on the card and create a chain with the right number of pieces in.

4. Tour guides! Work in pairs or groups of 3 - 1 or 2 children to take on the role of a tour guide making a video to tell us about places in London and one child to film the video.      

5. Using tissue paper or pastels make a fiery scene thinking about the Great Fire of London. 

We look forward to another busy week and seeing you all at Parents Evening on Wednesday and Thursday.

ReturnMar 7, 2017