week beginning Monday 13th March 2017

Changes are in the spring air in Green Class!  Following feedback from parents evening, the MUGA groups have been scrapped so all the children will be able to access the MUGA all at the same time.  It was the children themselves that initially asked for the groups and it seems its the children that now don't want them.  Please therefore encourage your child, should there be any friendship issues now they are altogether, to try and play nicely, be kind and work things out as break is only about 10 mins by the time they get out and playtime issues are overlapping in to learning time, which is not a good thing!

We are FINALLY going to erupt our volcanoes this week, I know it's been on the blog for a couple of weeks but we did not have the resources brought in that we needed so thank you to Mr Olsen for the bags of bottles and Mr Earl for the masses of newspaper, we are finally ready...

In Maths we will be finishing off time and then moving on to fractions.  Please continue to talk to your child about time and ask them time related questions as much as possible as they did find it a tricky concept to grasp given the amount of time we had to teach it.

English is continuing with King Arthur and they have been looking at the weapons and describing them in their writing this week.

We are looking at diets this week so if possible can you get your child to write down what they eat in a day so that we can put the food into the food groups.  Please also send in any clean food packaging so we can work out what 'sort' of food it is.

The children continue to enjoy Tiger Troop - their fitness levels are zooming up as the Sergeants send them on their runs!

In Computing the children are being Network Engineers with Mrs Tollervey and again with Mrs Tollervey, they continue to look at family life through the ages.

Thank you for your support at the book fair, this raised enough money for all the classes to choose some new books for their own book corners.

Well done to Kyron who won the merit award last week in assembly, Lilly and Sam who were joint winners of the pupil of the week and Wimpy Kids who were the table winners.

If Pete's Diary is lurking at anyones house who has had Pete for the weekend, could it come back in to school please as it is a lovely momento of his time with the children and there are some great photos in there.


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