Orange classes continue to learn all about plants this week.

As the title suggest this week our plant topic is filtering into our English lessons where we will be looking at the story of the enormous turnip and how the use of repeating phrases helps to build a story.

In Maths we are continuing with fractions - this time looking at halves and quarters of numerical quantities. We will link this back to our previous work on doubles and find quick and easy ways to halve and quarter a given number. Orange A - In the excitement of Mother's Day activities I forgot to pop this weeks' Maths homework in the book bags. Will pop it in on Monday.

In Science we are continuing to learn about the parts of plants and their life cycles, as well as monitoring the progress of our beans and flowers.

Having learnt about the countries that make up the United Kingdom, this week we will be focussing on England finding out lots of facts about our country.

In Computing we will be continuing with the tricky challenge of making a card using Microsoft Publisher and in RE we will be learning about another story from the Old Testament.

Also next week...PE, Music and DT (we are starting the design and prototype's of our kites!). On Thursday Miss Adams will be out all day on the next part of her PE course - we have loved trying out the sessions from the last course so hopefully lots of new ideas to use in the next term.

Have a lovely week!

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