Week beginning 13/03/17.

Firstly, it was good to see everyone at the consecutive Parents' Consultation Evenings last week. I realise ten minutes is not a long time but multiply that by thirty-one and add it on to a fifty-five hour on-site week and it can be seen (hopefully) that we have to limit appointment length.

It's a bit of a groundhog week, this week: more comprehension, GPS, mental Maths, worded Maths problem practice to start each day followed by more digging into percentages and more assembling of narrative to create higher quality writing by varying the grammar and punctuation of each sentence in order to captivate the reader. These mornings will be followed by more Science, more French directions (written, this time), more R.E., more netball, more Victorian child labour, more building of cam and follower machines.

The only changes will be no Music (as Mrs. Julier will be busy with Year 6 at the Gurdwara), double computing and the return of James Sutton (the cricket coach) who will be continuing what will now be a short run of excellent, professional interventions aimed at supplying the class with improved bat and ball skills.

Sorry for the repeats - it's that time of year for this particular year group. (At least next week we'll be interrupted by a quick assembling of Easter Service presentation consideration...).

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