Week Beginning Monday 20th March

Don't forget to prepare for crazy hair on Friday, already the shops are selling out of hair accessories and colours!

In English the children will begin to write their myth following on from lots of lovely english and grammar work surrounding Arthurian Legends.

Maths continues with Fractions as we barely visited last week due to extra PSHE lessons and we also have Lent services every Tuesday which does chop a little time out of Tuesdays maths lessons.  Fractions generally lends itself to visual learners so please start discussing with your child how much of the pie or pizza they have got for their dinner!  Always good for a sibling arguement if they have a bigger bit!

In Science we will be thinking about our muscles and what the purpose of them is and how they help us.

History continues to look at family life through the ages and just how lucky we are nowadays!

Tiger Troop was incredibly hard work for the children last week as the Sergeants try and get the children to understand the effect a lack of respect of themselves, each other and adults can have on us.  We will be reinforcing this during our lining up time and be lining up following the drill we have learnt to help the children with quiet queues and moving around the school!

The children will also have extra fitness on a Thursday with cricket in PE.  The children are really lucky to have these 2 organisations in on Tuesdays and Thursday to increase their abilities in sport and fitness.

Congratulations to Sri who received the merit award last Friday, Megan who won the pupil of the week and Charlie's who won the table group.  We also have new kindness awards that are given out on most week days.

Please do not forget Tiger troop gear on Tuesdays, Recorders on Wednesdays and PE kit on Thursdays and crazy hair and own clothes just this one Friday!

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