I'm not quite sure that this week can live up to last week and our trip to the Gravesend Gurdwara; the children had a great time and real meaning was brought to their learning about Sikhism. Not many children can say that they interrupted the filming of a Bollywood movie, walking right through the middle of the set, but Violet class managed it in style!  Thank you very much to Mrs Julier for all her hard work in making the arrangements.

At the beginning of the week we will make our final touches to our non-chronological texts and will publish them in our own class animal fact file. Then we move on to discussion texts though the topic of the discussion will be finalised by the class. Should mobile phones be banned for children under 13? Should school uniform be banned? Should the school day be longer? Who knows what the class will choose!

In maths we will be revising fractions and honing our reasoning skills. there is so much to remember for SATs but the children are doing really well.

In art we will move on to another David Hockney technique - ipad art! The children loved creating the photographic joiners and their gallery will feature in the school soon.

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