This week we will start to explore doubling and 'meet' the first of our trigraphs.

This week in Numeracy we are going to be exploring the concept of doubling. We are going to find out what this means and complete lots of practical doubling problems to help us understand. We will also be  practising our recognition of numbers to 20.

In Phonics this week we will continue to practise the sounds we have learnt so far and also introduce our first two trigraphs. Trigraphs are 3 letters that make 1 sound. This week we will learn 'igh' and 'air'. We will also learn the tricky word 'said'.

On Tuesday we have our last P.E. session with Ethan. He has been helping us to practise travelling across different surfaces and our landings. We have really enjoyed our lessons with him and hope to be able to use the skills that he has taught us when we start to use the Trim Trail in small groups.

Following on from our recent work on 'People Who Help Us', on Thursday, we will have a visit from Kent Fire and Rescue to talk to us all about fire safety.   

Friday is 'Red Nose Day' and we are looking forward to the 'Bad Hair Day' theme! We will be able to use our second trigraph of the week to write about lots of different hair styles!

We will also continue to practise the Easter song that we started learning last week in preparation for the Easter Service on the last day of term. 

Have your singing voices ready!  

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