And so we reach the end of another busy term...time flies!

To finish off the term we will be focusing on someone who may be visiting our houses in our 2 weeks off...the Easter Bunny! We will be receiving a request for help from the Easter Bunny to help with his number bonds to 10. How many ways will Red Class be able to find to make the number 10? We will also be looking at both addition and subtraction and working on being able to tell whether to add or take away when seeing a number sentence. 

In Literacy, we will be having a special furry visitor (telling would mean spoiling the surprise!).  We will be using the information this visitor gives us to write information leaflets and posters on how to care for the Easter Bunny. 

In Phonics we will be covering the rest of Phase 3 by learning about the 4 trigraphs: igh, air, ear and ure. These are tricky so we will continue to work on these after Easter. 

Our afternoon challenges continue:

1. Make an Easter Bunny using cotton wool, plates and cardboard.

2. The Mystery Box. We cannot open the box to see what is inside until everyone has written down their guess for what it could be.

3. Complete the 2D shape chick. 

4. Matching the eggs to the nests. Work out the addition sum and match it to the correct answer. Everyone will have Numicon, cubes, number lines to help them.

On Friday both classes will be going to church for our Easter Service. Red M will be going in the morning at 9.30 and Red B will be going in the afternoon at 1.30. We look forward to seeing lots of you there (we have been working on a special performance for you). 

Thank you again for all of your continuing support this term.

The Red Class Team 


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