Week beginning 27th March.

(Answer: Probably not as much as I would like...).

Short terms always create a problem - the volume of work doesn't change, but the time to complete it does. There are elements of English, History and DT which are going to have to trail into the first couple of weeks of next term, although we will make a concerted effort with all three. We've reached part 11 of the 13 parts of our Sailing Away topic, our books on Victorian child labour are some way from being complete and not a single DT cams and followers machine has had any art work applied. Mmm. It's going to be a patchy week, with all three making more than one appearance during the coming days. Pile on the fixed points of P.E., Science, R.E. and Computing and then spice up the mix with the need to rehearse an Easter presentation and you can see the issue. Finish this up with two evenings (for some children) of Drama Club performances of The Passion and then take into account that I won't even be in school for the last day...and you have the complete recipe for "incompleteness". Ah, well. We can but do our best.

Apologies in advance for my non-appearance on Friday. I'm not holidaying, simply being trained for the marking of this year's Reading NCTs and, with school Easter holidays varying around the country, the government's timetable has to be a bit ad hoc - if it makes anyone feel better, five days of the break will be consumed by further days working in Manchester and London. The important bit is that next Friday morning will run to schedule as if I were there - spelling tests, revising GPS issues, tables, homework rewards, Maths - and the afternoon will be Easter Service with the class delivering a well-drilled and emotive performance, I'm sure. I hope lots of you will be able to turn out to support them.

Please enjoy the fortnight that follows...and then we'll start the big push towards the final assessments and beyond...

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