We're going deeper into the rainforest.

A big well done to Tyler, our latest Star of The Week! I wonder what rainforest animal he will be to start his week off?

We had a great three days last week where we got to know about some of the animals we will discover in the rainforest as we work through our topic this term, and I can't wait to see how our Yellows look on Monday! We will spend our Rainforest Day moving around Yellow, Orange and Red classes, taking part in a variety of rainforest activities including fruit tasting (with any allergies taken into account), animals crafts and rain sticks.

The animals of the rainforest will be invading our maths lessons this week as they steal numbers in 'Animal Algebra' and we will  solve their issues in 'Waterfall Word Problems'.

We will be using the books 'Mademoiselle Gorilla' and 'Who took my banana?' to fuel our work with speech marks (aka inverted commas) and question marks.

In our geography lessons we will begin to discover what layers make up the rainforest and PE lessons will lead the way towards May Day!

Mrs Jenkins and I are looking forward to what will be another great week with our Yellows!

ReturnApr 23, 2017