Rainforest animals, may day dancing and instruction writing in Orange Class this week.

Orange classes can not wait for Monday and Rainforest Day. We will upload pictures of the day to this page so you can see your rainforest animals in action!

On Monday we will be swapping classes and having a go at lots of different rainforest activities linked to our learning last week. We will be making rainforest instruments, tasting rainforest food and making rainforest animals. We will then be writing instructions in English this week for our rainforest instruments so that they can teach others how to make them.

In Maths we are returning to place value - revising everything we have learnt up to this point and becoming speedier at recalling our mathematical facts.

We will also be starting this term's topics in RE, Music, Geography, Art and ICT. These include learning about St Lucia (and its rainforest!) in Geography, sculpture in Art and creating our audio books in ICT.

All this alongside lots of phonics and practicing our May Day dances. When supporting your children with their phonics at home we will be continuing with phase 5 in class and consonant clusters (so words including two or more consonants together that are separate sounds e.g. star s-t-ar, trunk t-r-u-n-k, splash s-p-l-a-sh).


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