Week beginning 1st May


A short week with lots happening, the ‘main event’ being our trip to The Living Land event at Kent Showground on Thursday.  As we are on the go all day, as are the other 2800 children attending the event, we recommend children bring a rucksack to hold their packed lunch and drink, as it keeps their hands free for the activities, and reduces the risk of a bag being ‘left’ somewhere.  Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress appropriately, although it is often 10 degrees colder there than in Sittingbourne.

English continues with Mr Stink, planning and writing our own wanderer story, while in maths it’s again time for time.  Science moves to Tuesday for this week because of the trip, where we will look at pitch and hopefully make our own straw instrument.  The photographer will also be in on Tuesday for class photos.

Congratulations to Anna, who received our behaviour award last week.


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