Week beginning Tueesday 2nd May.

Another shortened week,  but hopefully everyone will have a good BH Monday. We will be briefly interrupted on Tuesday for the class photo, but otherwise life will run as usual. We need to do some interview filming to finish off the island project and we will get the Ancient Egypt work off the ground with a bit of a drama activity in order to introduce a few themes. Maths will move on to line graphs within the frame of statistics. Having sorted out eighteen "things you can do with a stick" for May Day, we will spend a P.E. lesson trying to sort them into a sequence and James will be back for the penultimate cricket session. The DT cams and followers machines, of two types, are mostly entering the art stage and the next Geography topic will get going on Friday. All the usuals - comprehension, mental Maths, worded problems and GPS tasks - will be present and correct, reflecting their importance and, hopefully, not driving anyone to distraction. The week may be shorter but we will try to squash five days' worth of productivity into four days...I know it can't be done, but we'll give it a go.

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