Our topic this term is ‘Rainforests’. As you know we kicked off the term with a Rainforests WOW day where the children travelled around KS1 learning about different aspects of the Rainforest.

Here is a brief outline of what this term will bring.

Communication and Language

Within the classroom, both Red B and Red M have created a Rainforest explorer role play where the children can pretend to explore the animals and plants that they would find there.

Outside we have created a Tourist Office in order to encourage the children to think about which faraway places they would like to visit. They have the opportunity to make their own passports and fill in their own holiday forms. If you have any spare holiday brochures or information books relating to places around the world, could we please borrow them for the term?

You also may have noticed our new ‘Red Class’ role play. Within class we noticed that many of the children enjoyed roleplaying being teachers and we therefore wanted to give them their own ‘Red Class’ to make this feel more real for them.

As with last term the children will have the opportunity to access the role play opportunities in both classrooms.

All Role Play Areas will contain a range of writing and number opportunities as well as endless Speaking and Listening opportunities. 


Physical Development

We will continue to develop our fine motor skills on a daily basis using a range of resources in the classroom.  The results of this are already clearly evident in the children’s pencil control. 

As the weather continues to improve we will be using the outdoor area throughout the school day.  We will be using our lovely Poddely resource to build and construct a range of things as well as create obstacle courses to enhance our physical development, specifically balancing. 

Our PE lessons are going to be very specific this term…May Day is coming!!


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will continue to value Personal, Social and Emotional development as key contributors to your child’s learning.  We will use the resources inside and outside of the classroom to model and encourage sharing and turn taking.  We will also continue with our regular ‘Circle Time’ activities which are used to promote confidence and develop speaking and listening skills.  We will also be discussing the consequences of our actions.  We will maintain the ethos that a child’s learning will be optimised if they feel completely content and secure in their environment. 

The biggest focus this term will be promoting independence as we start to prepare the children for Year 1.  The adults will continue to support the children. However we will be encouraging them to take ownership of their own learning and development.  As adults we are always aware of the children’s ‘next steps’ of learning but this term we will be giving each child their own target card so they are also aware.  As the children progress towards the summer these targets may change but we would like the children to know what they are working towards.    


Our new topic offers some new and exciting Literacy opportunities for the children.  We will continue with our daily Phonics lessons and will be applying our developing skills to our reading and writing.  This term we will continue to consolidate our understanding of Phase 2 and 3 phonemes. We will also be learning a lot more high frequency words this term as a lot of the children are already applying these to their writing.  These are words the children just have to learn as they will be written incorrectly if the children apply their phonics and sound them out. 

We continue to update books on Bug Club regularly so please continue to use this fantastic resource.

We will be using a lot of books to support and inspire our learning this term.  These are a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts and include:  ‘Monkey Puzzle’, ‘The Snail and the Whale’, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ and many more.

We will then focus on a range of activities based on events in these books. The texts will be used to inspire early writing and to support learning.


This term we will be consolidating addition and subtraction and using practical resources to solve number sentences up to 20. We will be introducing the concept of halving shapes, objects and amounts (we may even use a little food to help us apply this to real life). We will be trying to apply our knowledge of number to do some problem solving e.g. if a monkey gathered 5 bananas and then ate 3, how many would he have left?

We will also be aiming to consolidate our existing understanding of 2D and 3D shapes as well as look into these a little further, ensuring the children can describe the shapes using mathematical vocabulary. We will be looking at Measure and using non-standard units to measure height, length, weight and capacity e.g. how many cubes long is your foot?

Understanding the World

Our new topic will allow us to explore this area of learning in great detail! We will be using books, films, maps, resources, food and lots more in order to discover new information about the Rainforest.  

Expressive Arts and Design

We will continue to sing and dance regularly!  We will be dancing more than usual this term as May Day approaches.  We hope to see you all there as it is a lovely day and the children really enjoy performing!

The children will also continue to develop their creative skills this term.  We will be exploring with texture, form and colour, as well as applying our imagination in order to recreate Rainforest scenes!

Other Information

Please continue to use the contact book or alternatively speak to one of us before or after school, should you have any queries or questions. 


The children will be issued with two reading books per week.  We will change the reading books of one group per day.  The day your child’s books are changed has now altered so please see the following list for your new ‘Book Changing Day’.  The children all know which group they are in J

Monday – Orangutans, Tuesday – Iguanas, Wednesday – Leopards, Thursday – Macaws, Friday – Tree Frogs.

Clothing and Sun Cream

Thank you for naming a lot of the clothing that comes into school.  We must stress the importance of naming all clothes that come into school, especially hats as the warm weather approaches.  When the weather is really warm we ask you to apply some ‘all day’ sun cream to your child in the morning.  If you would like them to apply more throughout the day then please send a named bottle into school as the children are not allowed to share sun cream. Unfortunately, staff are not allowed to apply sun cream to please ensure your child is able to do this independently.   

We look forward to another fantastic Term!

Many Thanks,

The Red Class Team



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