This week we will be continuing to look at tens and ones in Maths. Some of us will be continuing to practice identifying them in numbers using manipulatives to help and some will be moving on to see how we can use tens and ones to help us with speedy addition. By the end of the week we may even have a quick look at hundreds too!

In English we will be looking at fantasy books. What makes a fantasy story different to other stories? How can we identify a fantasy story? We will even have a go at writing our own ending to a fantasy story. All that and reading lots of lovely books!

Phonics will of course continue this week. We will be practicing alternative sounds for graphemes, alien (pseudo) words and more practice of consonant blends (If your child is finding this tricky there are some resources in our phonics folder on Orange Class page).

We will also be continuing to learn about St Lucia and its rainforest, the Jewish tradition of Shabbat, sculpture and of course our May Day dances!

Have a lovely week!

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