Week beginning 22/05/17.

So, here's the last week before an interruption and, as usual for this time of the year, it's dominated by the coming events of Wednesday afternoon. At this point, I'd usually add "weather-permitting" but, if rain strikes, we will simply present each dance in the hall.

We will have a last push on the cams and followers machines this week and Maths will be consumed by geometrical constructions. Expect much fiddling with protractors!!

We will also complete our much-reduced decorations for our "holding pen" on Wednesday and, no doubt, have the occasional skip about in the hope of promoting certainty with regard to sequencing.

It is hoped that a second playing field will be opened this week, bringing forward a little more of the promise of our site - sunshine would be much appreciated!

By the way, if you witness more than eighteen things occurring with a stick (or, indeed, a number falling short of that total), you'll know something has gone wrong...but I've learned over the years that that just brings a little entertainment to the proceedings: if we all start and stop at the same time, that will be an achievement.

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