Week beginning Monday 22nd May 2017

We've made it!  The final week of term 5 is upon us and what a busy week it is set to be.

We start our assessment week with a writing assessment on Monday.  Tuesday will be Maths, Paper A; Wednesday is Punctuation and Grammar; Thursday is Maths paper B and Friday will be reading and spellings.  These are not tests that the children need to stress over - they are tests of everything the children will have learnt to date in Year 3.

Monday afternoon is History where we end our Ancient Greeks by finding out about the Olympics and the Marathon - we still have our Greek vases to finish too at some point.

Tuesday afternoon will be our last Science lesson for our topic of ' Animals including Humans' the children have really enjoyed this topic as it has involved them and their muscles, they can all now take their pulse!

Wednesday afternoon is obviously our May Day - we look forward to seeing you all there and pray for sunshine and warm weather.

Thursday will be looking at Art and DT and thinking about headdresses and performance masks - always a great topic.

Friday, as it is our last day and we are saying goodbye to our lovely Harry and Monty will be an afternoon of celebration.

Thank you to those of you that attended the open afternoons, number in Green Class were well down on the last open afternoon so please fill in the slips for feedback so that we can accommodate more of you next time.

From next term we will only be checking the children's contact books if they tell us there is a message in preparation for Blue Class when the children only physically hand them in if there is a message - therefore, please tell your child if they have a message in their contact book so that we can check it.

We would also like to ask that only 1 pencil case per child comes into the school.  Some children have so many pencil cases, especially the huge Smiggle ones, and they are becoming such a distraction and a problem of where to store them so the cleaner can actually clean the tables!  They have been banned in other classes and we do not want to go down that route so please, just limit it to one!

Congratulations to Lilly who won our merit award in assembly for always having such beautiful manners and trying so hard in recent weeks to have a positive attitude.

Our table winners were red table - well done!

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