The week which began on Monday 5th June.

Terribly sorry. Only realised today (Thursday) that I didn't write the class blog on Sunday.

So, what have we done? We've revised key aspects of fractions; we've learnt about life in Pharaoh's palace as well as about Ancient Egyptian dress and eating habits; we've started to explore the passive voice and the class have been tasked with using it within their creation of an invitation to a palace party; we've continued our series of GPS assessments and, today, have begun the process of working through the set of NCTs which Year 6 took just before the holiday. In Computing, the class today began to use the Sketch Up program which will lead to them creating a virtual art gallery and tomorrow we will delve into the use of personality traits to describe French.

As always, comprehension, mental Maths and unpacking of worded Maths problems has continued and we have also begun preparing for our next DT topic - designing and cooking healthy burgers.

Sorry again...I will aim to be more timely next week!

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