Week beginning Monday 12th June 2017

First week back was a bit horrendous weather wise, settling in wise too!  The children struggled to get back to following school rules and remembering how they should talk to the adults around the school - lot's of please and thank you's seem to have been left at home.  Here's hoping for a better week.

We continue with Mr Hublot and The Robot Dog in English.  We will be looking at pet food packaging and coming up with one for our robot dog using powers of persuasion that we know advertisers are so good at!

In Maths, as we have covered all the Year 3 National Curriculum maths strands, we will now be using what we've learnt and applying it in reasoning style activities.  The children are very good at learning basic methods but when they come to use them in test situation, it all goes wrong!

There is a change of plan in Geography.  We have had to cancel our trip to Canterbury as it could not be accommodated this week and the following week the children are already enjoying a trip out to the Recorder Festival, if it was put on yet another week, we would be four weeks into a topic about a place we hadn't been to so it just would not work!  Therefore, we will set a mini project for homework for a couple of weeks that the children can do if you happen to go to Canterbury.  We will then enjoy a wander around the village of Tunstall to see the sights and sounds and compare them to those that they have seen on their trips with you to Canterbury.

Science is moving on to plants.  If you could send in any empty clear plastic bottles that we could plant our seeds into, that would be fabulous thank you.

Computing move on to the unit: 'We are Opinion Pollsters' so you may have some questionnaires heading your way from our budding poll seekers.

Please again, ensure that PE kit is always at school as they have PE on 2 consecutive days so if the kit goes home after a club then it is generally not in for the next day.  Thank you.

An issue was raised by a parent about the stars that the children receive on their homework.  The children know they just need to bring their homework back on the Monday to have their star card marked.  This has always worked over the past couple of years so perhaps it has just been a mis-understanding that the children are 'not allowed' to get their stars - of course, this is not the case!  It is not down to the teachers and TAs to chase the children, the children must be responsible enough now to get their own stars recorded on their charts.  Any issues, please make an appointment via the office to see either myself or Mrs Tollervey.

Most of the children have also been really good in handing in their contact book if they have a message or need the books changing.  As mentioned in previous blogs, we are now not checking every book every day for messages in preparation for Blue Class.  So please remind your child that they need to hand their book in if they want new books or have a message from yourselves.

Many thanks

Team Green.

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