Week beginning 12th June

… doesn’t mean it will be 25˚ in the shade all day, every day (although that would be nice). Therefore, as we seem to have had weather conditions covering all the four seasons last week, please make sure you check the expected weather conditions, and send in your child to school with the appropriate clothing.
Our visit to the church last Thursday was very productive, with the children learning lots from both Mrs Tatchell and Rev. Alan. We hope to visit again shortly to obtain some further information and some of our home learning will be researching aspects of our visit.
We continue our English learning using The Butterfly Lion, this week looking at life in the trenches during the First World War, writing and then editing a letter from Bertie to Millie; while our grammar focus is adverbs, adverbials and fronted adverbials. Thank goodness we had Mrs Lione in class on Monday to help us with the pronunciation and definitions of the Afrikaans language used by Michael Morpurgo. In maths, its revision of the compact methods for addition and subtraction, applying this knowledge to word problems, while in science, we are looking at the classification of animals, this week focussing on vertebrates.
Nothing to worry about, but there are a few staff changes this term. Mrs Tollervey returns to teach RE on a Wednesday morning and we are pleased to welcome Mrs Wilde to help us with our morning spelling groups, and Mrs Wilde also replaces Mrs Foot for our afternoon intervention groups.

Finally, the PTA are selling ice creams every Friday after school, until the end of term.  All the money raised from this activity goes directly towards a special treat for the children, which is already planned for the start of the new school year.

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