This week is phonics screening week in Orange Class. At some point during the week your child will get the chance to work with Mrs Scargill to read a number of real and pseudo words. The screening is a diagnostic tool to allow us to assess how your child is progressing in their phonics so that we can give them the support they need going forwards into Year 2.

As well as lots of phonics this week we are continuing with our Fantasy story topic in English. Having created characters and settings this week we will be making our own stories from start to finish!

In Maths we will be learning all about directions. Sorting out our lefts from our rights and learning how to give directions including whole, half and quarter turns (clockwise and anticlockwise). To do this we will be taking part in lots of games and practical activities so we are looking forwards to a very active week of Maths.

In Science we will be learning about how to tell if an object is living or not. In RE we will be learning about this term's value - Truthfulness and in PE we will be continuing to practice our multi skills ready for sports day.

History this week will continue to look at the history of seaside holidays - this week we learn how to use photographs as historical sources.

All of this plus Music, DT (healthy eating) and ICT (becoming TV chefs).

Have a lovely week and as always don't forget your children can practice their Maths on mathletics and reading on bugclub.

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