Week beginning 12/06/17.

As the title suggests, at least the early to middle part of the week is dominated by taking the National Curriculum Tests which Yeat 6 took before the half-term break. Doing so gives the class members a little insight into what lies ahead in terms of self-expectations and gives me a little measure as to how far they have travelled/how far they still have to go. Whilst the results won't feature on school reports, (not least because they've already been written), I will of course share the results with the children who, in turn, can share them with you and will use them to inform and/or confirm the next round of teacher assessments.

Beyond these, we will carry out a bit of revision of long multiplication and division, work to secure further our collective understanding of the passive voice through our invitations to Pharaoh's party, make choices about our healthy burgers, throw in some games of rounders and, naturally, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Julier, Mrs. Tollervey and Mrs. Campbell will still be offering their weekly inputs relating to Science, Music, R.E. and Geography.

Hoping everyone has a positive week...

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