Week beginning Monday 19th June 2017

Monday is set to have temperatures reaching 32 degrees.  Whilst we will endeavour to provide shade for the children, please ensure they have their sunhat, suncream and applied and a water bottle.  There are always at least 2 children without a water bottle each day and we are running out of disposable cups to provide these children with water. 

Friday sees the return of our annual recorder festival.  This is always a lovely event and the children thoroughly enjoy it.  If you can come and watch the children then you will not be disappointed, it is great to see those squeaky recorders that were sent home weeks ago, suddenly turn into beautiful music!

You will have received the children's homework today - this is topic based and is for the next 2 weeks.  If you can get the children to Canterbury then they really will benefit as they are tasked to do an independent project and the more pictures, leaflets and information they can gather, the easier their project will be.

On looking at the 21 steps and The National Curriculum, we have just about covered all year 3 objectives.  We need to cover play scripts in English and revisit fractions and time in Maths - these proved the tricky subjects.  Therefore, the work over the next few weeks will be recapping and revisiting areas where misconceptions arose.

Science, if we get that far this week, will be planting our runner beans seeds and putting them in different conditions to see how they grow.  Once we have done our recording of evidence, these plants will be sent home.  You never know, you may end up with a harvest of runner beans!

Congratulations to Emily and Sebbie who were our pupils of the week.

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