Week beginning 19th June 2017.

A strange week of non-uniform options...

Monday: uniforms, please.

Tuesday: if children wish to make a monetary donation to the Grenfell Tower relief fund, they may wear their own clothes as a thank you.

Wednesday and Thursday: uniforms, please.

Friday: if children wish to make an item donation to the forthcoming fete, they may wear their own clothes as a thank you.

O.K. What's happening on the academic front? Following the taking of the Year 6 NCTs, we will continue to plug some of the gaps revealed by the Maths assessments, continuing with revision of multiplication and division, including the long forms of both, before looking again at co-ordinates. We will complete our visit to the world of the passive voice via the invitations to Pharaoh's Palace Party before re-focusing on subordination, pronouns, prepositions and determiners over the next couple of weeks (all within the context of short themed writing tasks). D.T. is about to get all culinary as we pursue our quest for a "healthier burger", starting this week with those based around beef - before, in successive weeks, tackling chicken, fish and vegetarian options. There will be a bit more descriptive French, further exploration of the Sketch Up program in Computing and the build up to the massed ranks of ukuleles playing in the school concert will continue. The usual daily focus on comprehension skills, GPS knowledge and worded Maths problems will, of course, continue and Mrs. Campbell will be borrowing a selection of children from the class, from time to time, to see how they fare with an advanced Maths challenge. There should be time, too, to begin the process of sorting out teams and events for Sports Day: it may still be a month away, but opportunities for preparation tend to slip by quickly at this time of the year as events gradually crowd in.

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