Week beginning 19th June

There are some changes to our normal routine this week, as usually happens at this time of year. Not everyone is affected by everything, but here are the things to remember.
• Monday is the Kwik Cricket festival at Upchurch, so if you have had a letter, you know the arrangements. For those not attending, Mrs Julier will be teaching in Blue Class in the morning, Mrs Campbell will take French and PE will be taken by Mr Ingram.
• On Tuesday, children may attend school in non-school uniform. In return we are asking for a monetary donation, for the victims of the horrific tower block fire in London last week.
• Wednesday sees a road safety roadshow visiting the school, with each class being briefed, similar to the sessions we had on fire safety a few months ago.
• Moving onto Thursday, weather permitting and as part of our continuing science topic, the whole class is going on an invertebrate hunt around the school fields. Please bring wellies or long trousers and a change of footwear, as we are not sure what may be lurking in the undisturbed long grass. This is also non-school uniform day, this time for a donation for the school fete.
• Finally, on Friday, members of the recorder club are attending a recorder festival. As with the Kwik Cricketers, you will have been notified of the arrangements by letter from Mrs Julier.
Apart from these events, normal service will be resumed in class, with our English learning using The Butterfly Lion drawing to a close, where we will plan and write either an extra chapter, a change to the story or a new story, based on The Butterfly Lion. Revision continues in maths, this week looking at methods to multiply and divide, combined with some word problems to solve.
Congratulations to Theo W who received our behaviour award two weeks ago, and to Phoebe, who received it for last week.

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