The phonics check is now out of the way. We will be sending in our results and will be able to let you know how your child did once we hear back from the Department for Education (this is after all the schools in the country have handed there's in so probably early July). We will continue with phonics in class for the rest of the year and will be concentrating on any areas your children have found tricky and also looking more in depth at the spelling of our common exception words.

This week in Maths we are returning to time. It has been a while since we last looked at time so we will be starting by recapping on the hour, half past the hour and measuring time. As with last week it will be a fun practical week where our aim will be to help your children to become secure in telling the time to the hour and half past. We will be using traditional clock faces for this so feel free to practice time at home if you have a clock in your house. Remember to remind your children about the different length of the hands.

Having written some fantastic stories in English last week, this week we return to non-fiction. We will be looking at instructional writing, linking it into algorithms in ICT and also writing our own recipes. We will be exploring fruit kebabs - writing a recipe for them before creating our own on Friday. We will also be linking this in with DT where we are looking at healthy eating.

In Science (weather permitting!) we will be out and about exploring different types of trees and identifying them by their leaves.

In PE we are continuing with our sports day practices.

In RE we are looking at 'Service' and how we can help others.

Plus we will be looking at how paintings can be used as a historical source in History where we will be exploring the painting 'Ramsgate Sands' by Frith.

Don't forget we have non-school uniforms days on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Please send your donations in to the class teacher. Tuesday is for the victim's of the London Fire, Thursday for our School Fete.

On Wednesday we are also having a road safety workshop for all classes.

Stay cool and have a good week!

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