Week beginning Monday 26th June 2017

No May Day, no recorder festival, no sports day (yet), no road safety talk....this week should be 'normal!'

We are recapping the 4 standards methods of calculation in Maths and then using and applying them in various activities.  This children are great with standard methods but when they are put in the middle of a worded problem, it all goes to pot!  We will be doing lots of practise at these ready for Blue class.

English is continuing with our playscript writing that we started last week.

In Science, we will be planting our seeds and putting them in a variety of conditions.

Hopefully in Geography, we will be walking around the village to compare it to Canterbury, which I know many of you have visited in line with your homework, Well done!

PE will begin getting children into the events that they wish to participate in on sports day.

I have been asked to remind parents and children that if you have any stars on your homework, then please bring it in so that it can be signed off.  As I am sure you all appreciate, we don't not want to award stars on homework if the child appears to have worked hard on it but it also quite difficult to manage as homework is brought in at different times and therefore marked and sent back home at different times so to get all the stars done at once is impossible.  I think next year it will be no stars for homework if it is causing distress to the children.

I have reminded the children of the reason that the stars are given out - during circle time the children thought it was just for doing their work!  If only we were all rewarded for just doing our work!  They now know it is for going above and beyond what is expected.  Children must not start worrying now, with a month to go about their green badges.  Already the star badges seem to be taking over both my time and parents worrying time!  A month is an awful long time to get the amount of stars required for the badge.

Please ensure your child has their water bottle in school every day.  There were 4 children that did not have bottles on the 2 hottest days of the year.  We ensured the children were given a cup of water but obviously this becomes quite tricky when we need to find cups and then find the child at break-time!

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