Week beginning 26th June.


O.K. Four weeks to go sounds like a long time, but that's four weeks to complete as much Maths revision as possible, grind home the best ways to undertake comprehension tasks, review the use of punctuation, make a decent fist of the various topics, from History to Computing, and prepare for the onslaught of events which will come thick and fast as July begins. 

This week, a focus on punctuation in context, shape space and measures, healthy chicken burgers to prepare and cook, our contribution to an art installation to finish and so much more besides. Choir concert hits this week, school concert next week, preparation for Sports Day, school fete at the weekend, preparations for the last part of this year's trilogy of school plays, a Spoken English competition to get off the ground...it's one of those times of year.

So, eyes down everybody.

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