Week beginning Monday 3rd July 2017

Well done Green, attendance winners! Don't forget your non-school uniform on Friday,

As per the note that went home, we will be taking a trip round Tunstall Village on Monday afternoon to compare it to Canterbury.  There have been some amazing projects down following your trips to Canterbury.  Well done, this will really help with your work back in class.  Let's see just how big a difference there is to Tunstall.

English will see us practising with playscripts to hit our speaking and listening targets.  We are using Roald Dahl's The Witches on Monday and Tuesday for this purpose.  We then move onto poetry on Wednesday and probably through to the end of term our focus will be different types of poetry.

Maths moves on to subtraction - standard method, time, money and fractions.

Science continues with our plants.  We will be keeping an eye on our runner bean seeds that we planted and seeing which conditions are making a difference.  We look at the flower, petals and leaves now that we know the purpose of the roots and the stem.

Look forward to seeing many of you at the fete.  Let us pray for sunshine!

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