Week beginning 03/07/17.

We are entering the second twilight world of the school year in which, like at Christmas, events suddenly snowball. This week, one minor and one major and some preparation for others still to come. Monday will see auditions for this year's Spoken English competition, so get practising that intonation and sense of performance all those of you whom see yourselves as contenders. There will also be rehearsals for the summer concert, before the event itself on Friday. Speaking of music, thank you to Annie, Francesca, Katherine and Felix for their contribution to last night's choir concert - I'm writing this early-ish on Saturday morning before heading off to help set up the fete.

Work-wise, beside the daily usuals of GPS, comprehension, mental maths and worded Maths problems, there will be more Maths revision through the use of the mystery theme, some more practice of punctuation in context during another info-dump cocerning the Egyptians and this week's healthy burger features salmon and some fresh ginger. I will also be asking the class to help me to design and make a few props and bits of artwork for Doomsday, the last of the Mystery Plays cycle which has occupied drama club members throughout the year, that being another coming event.

Now, if only I could remember where the titular quotation comes from...I know it's British political, probably c. 1950s, but I can't credit the source. I'll go and look it up...

O.K. Attributed to Harold Macmillan, with reference to what shapes the success/failure of a government BUT clearly hotly disputed. According to Robert Harris (journalist and author), anyone who uses the phrase is someone yearning to lend themselves a thin patina of learning - so that's me told. 

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