Week beginning Monday 10th July

2 weeks to go and they are full of fun and frivolity...with learning thrown in to keep us all sane!

Monday sees the Spoken English Competition in the afternoon.  Green Class has 4 entries from a massive 19 auditions, it was hard to choose so we left it to the class to chose their favourites.  Well done to all that were brave enough to audition.

Tuesday, I am on a course (Mrs Black) so the class will be covered by Mrs Wilde for Maths and English, Mrs Castle for ICT and Mrs Julier for music.

Wednesday is a 'normal' morning of multiplication in maths and poetry in English.  The afternoon is Geography to start and then a very entertaining staff performance to show the children that we are all human after all and can make complete fools of ourselves!

Thursday is again a normal day continuing securing our multiplication knowledge and poetry in the morning.  Re and PE in the afternoon and again Friday will be a pretty standard day following their Friday timetable.

It is set to be pretty warm again next week so again, please send your child in with a water bottle and hat.  There are still children who do not have a water bottle and often do not even let us know they have not had a drink all day.

There have been a couple of incidents in class this week of children using inappropriate language to others.  Mrs Hutchings has spoken to the class as a whole.  This behaviour is really not acceptable and will not be tolerated in Tunstall School, as has been shown this week.  Please talk to your children about how they address other children.  We all are different and unique and whilst children will be children and pick on each others weaknesses, some of the names being used are clearly being used to deliberately upset others. 

Congratulations to Chloe who was pupil of the week, Pete the Dragon seems to be missing in action...is he at your house!  He will go home with Chloe as soon as he turns up!

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