Week beginning 10th July


Last week saw Blue Class perform in Sounds of Swale, a collaborative concert, where we joined 6 other primary schools and 4 secondary schools at Fulston Manor.  This was a good experience for all, where the rehearsal required great patience and the performance, great participation. There was also the school concert, which despite having some nervous moments, went well for the Blue Class participants. Thanks to Mrs Julier for arranging these opportunities and to Mrs Freeman and Mrs Foot for their assistance.

We also enjoyed the Sublime Science workshop, which was kindly funded by our PTA from the after school ice cream sales. Photos of both these events are on our gallery.

Congratulations to Sonny and Ben, Sam and Harry, Owen and Grace, Lauren and Phoebe who will be representing Blue Class at the spoken English event on Monday afternoon.  Clearly, performing with a partner is a little less daunting, and a huge well done to all who auditioned. Due to space restrictions, only those parents of the children performing have been invited to attend.

There was plenty of disruption to our planned schedule last week, so we will try to carry on with our maths revision on decimals and fractions this week, while English continues with nonsense, where we hope to have time to meet The Jabberwock.  Elsewhere, there are lots of part completed artworks and another building to investigate, so finishing all these will be the major task of the week.

Wednesday afternoon sees a special, and definitely once only, performance for the children where there will be a strict no photograph embargo.  Hopefully this will be fun for all and something the children will enjoy sharing with you.

Lastly, congratulations to Cooper who received our behaviour award last week.


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