Week beginning 17th July 2017.

Another year nearly done...but not with just any old class. What awaits? One final GPS assessment, one final set of Maths revision, one final set of worded Maths questions, one final Science lesson, one final game of rounders, one final computing lesson...you get the idea. In between will come a dress rehearsal and two performances for those in Drama Club, Sports Day, a "farewell" picnic with this year's buddies and "three assemblies/services Friday". Life gets long when the timetable gets bitty, but almost everyone is coping.

For every member of the class, the 11+ is looming and therefore, I suspect, a bit of an interrupted summer break. We've tried to cram it all in - with the obvious exception of any of the verbal and non-verbal reasoning stuff which falls outside the national curriculum - and I hope that the foot will be kept to the pedal over the intervening six weeks. Little but often is the usual trick.

So, thank you all. Thank you and good luck to Anthony, Yasmin, Daniel, Patrick, Brynn, Francesca, Jonny, Leni, Finley, Tope, Grace, Cameron, Leo, Scarlett, Harry, Jess, Hadley, Kate, Emilia, Jack, Tyler, Bella, Jenson, Mason, Toni, Sophie, Annie, Felix, Katherine, Esme and Henry. Go on and make next year extraordinary. Don't drive your parents crazy and continue to charm all you meet.

Over and out.

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