Week beginning 17 July 2017

Although this may be our last week together as a class, we have such a fun filled week! So don't be sad! After discussing some ideas together, Yellow Class would like to celebrate our year together with a Teddy Bear's picnic on Tuesday! So when your child says 'I'm taking my favourite teddy into school today!' there's a reason for it. 

Also in our final week we will be competing as Webb, Moore and Robertson on Wednesday for Sports Day, completing some maths investigations, finishing off our healthy eating D&T project and 'Change for Life' session in PE. Look out for the packs coming home to help keep Yellow Class active over the summer.

Finally I'd like to take this time to thank all of Yellow Class and their families for your hard work this year. We have all achieved so much. All of Yellow Class should be proud of themselves. Mrs Jenkins and I wish you all luck next year. Please feel free to come back and visit. You are always welcome in Yellow Class!!

Enjoy the summer, keep safe!

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