We are looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 5th September.

 In the meantime, here is an overview of what is planned for the first two terms. 

English – We will link much of our English learning to our history topic of Romans, covering the genres of historical narrative, explanation and myths this term and narrative, instructions and poetry next term.

Maths – This term, we will cover place value and addition and subtraction, while next term we cover multiplication and division and measurement and area.

Science – Our first topic is titled Animals, including humans, where we will investigate the digestive system, teeth and food chains.

Geography/History – For this first term, we are concentrating on history, learning about The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, and next term, we will focus on Geography, learning about Coasts.

Computing – Mrs Castle will be taking computing lessons, where we are looking at animations and programming this term, with designing an interactive toy being the focus of Term 2, both using Scratch. We will also have regular reminders of how we can stay safe while using computers and other technology.

Art and Design/Design & Technology – For this term, we are concentrating on Art and Design, making pots and mosaics, inspired by Roman designs. Next term, we will focus on Design and Technology where we will invite you to a Lovely Lunch, while learning about healthy eating, seasonal ingredients and where some of our food comes from.

RE – In RE this term, we will look at the role of the synagogue in Judaism, together with Christian worship, pilgrimage and sacred places.

Music –Mrs Julier will be teaching music this year, where we will focus on pitch, learning about the pentatonic scale and its notation, together with composing, using tuned percussion, exploring different timbres.

French - Mrs Campbell will be teaching French this year, where we will cover transport, travel and directions.

PE – Our PE sessions are Tuesday (outdoors) and Friday (indoors), where the children will need a plain, house coloured T-shirt and black shorts for indoors, with the addition of trainers and warm, tracksuit type clothing for outside. In accordance with our PE policy, all jewellery, including stud type earrings, will need to be removed and long hair tied back for all our PE lessons. Please ensure that all kit is labelled and is kept in the cloakroom in the usual drawstring bags if possible.

Swimming – Details of the swimming arrangements will be finalised when we have all been to the pool on the afternoon of Friday 8th September.

We do update this class blog on the school website weekly, so please do visit it regularly for any changes, updates and reminders.

Home learning will be given on a Friday, for completion by the following Friday, which allows ample time to complete the tasks set, should children be busy at the weekend. Also on a Friday, spellings will be given and tested, together with times tables.
Children will choose their own reading books to share with you at home, and will have contact books for you to record their progress. Please also use these to relay any other day to day matters, although we ask that children bring such notes to our attention, as we do not have time to check individual contact books daily. Other adults do have access to these contact books during our reading times and we would therefore ask that should you wish to write in with a sensitive or confidential matter, that this is done in a separate note.
We are here to do our very best for your child. Therefore, should you have any concerns or questions, please do not keep them to yourselves! Please use the contact book or come in and ask, preferably at the end of the day as our morning routine is very busy.

Finally, we have some new members to the class.  Please do your best to make them and their parents/carers welcome and help them get used to our ways at Tunstall. 

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