It seems like only yesterday that we were saying, "Have a great summer holiday," and here we are back for another school year. If only term time passed so quickly!!

With the imminent Kent Test, this is a week that most children (and parents) in year 6 want to get out of the way so that the 'real' year 6 can commence. This week though is not just about tests as we also need to get used to the routines and responsibilities of Violet Class: This term's Pupil Leadership Team will be revealed on Tuesday and will commence duties immediately. I'm sure that they will do a brilliant job.

In terms of lessons, our maths topic for the next 2 weeks is place value and number - we need to understand our numbers to 10 million, be able to recognise the value of individual digits as well comparing and rounding. Once we are fluent in these areas,  we will move on to reasoning and problem solving.

In English, I have been inspired by the film Dunkirk and we will be using the text The Little Ships by Louise Borden to write diary entries in character.

In addition to this, Mrs Julier will teach music, Mr Ingram will introduce our new history topic and Mrs Black will make a start on art.

Let the term begin!

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