Week beginning Monday 4th September 2017

Welcome back new Year 3s and parents!  I cannot wait to start the year with you - I hope you have all had a wonderful summer.

There are lots of exciting things that happen in the juniors, being on the top floor being one of them!  We will practise walking up and down the stairs safely over the next couple of days, setting a really good example of our lovely behaviour to the rest of the juniors!

Workwise, we will start with a few simple pieces of work to get us in the mood for school.  Next week, the work really starts with English focussing on the book 'I'll take you to Mrs Cole'.  We will get some lovely descriptive writing out of this to see what could really be lurking in the basement!

Maths starts on place value and then moves on to addition and subtraction.

Geography is Countries of the world - we even have 5 clocks in our classroom set to different times around the world to give the children an idea of how fair it is to certain places!  We will be making pen pals with a school 'up north' where I originate from to see if life is any different even when you live in the same country!

Art starts on the theme 'Journeys' and links really nicely with our Geography topic.  We aim to get some wonderful aboriginal art work on display.

French will be taught by Mrs Campbell this year, which will really benefit the children as Mrs Campbell has spent time living in France!

Reading books will be issued over the first couple of days.  Please try and read with your child most days as it really does benefit them.  Any problems, concerns or good news to report, do put it into the contact book as these will be checked every day by myself or Mr Conway.  I am always available if you need to catch me at the end of the day for a quick chat.

I am really looking forward to working with you and your child this year.

Mrs Black

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