We would like to begin by saying that it was lovely to see all of the children and parents who came to visit us last week! It was great to see you again after a lovely Summer Holiday.

This week we will be focusing on getting settled into Red Class. We will be exploring our surroundings and getting to know each other. We will have the chance to take a look around the school and get to know where things are. We will be decorating our own Contact Book covers with a self-portrait so they will be nice and easy to recognise. We will also be decorating a star each to display in the classroom. Each week someone will be 'Star of the Week'. This means they get to be at the front of the line, get to take the register to the office and take our class monkey home for the weekend!

We will spend time doing ‘Plan, Do and Review’ activities where we will have lots of fun choosing different activities to complete both in the classroom and in our outdoor area! 

Our theme for collective worship this term is ‘Friendship’ so we will be focusing on making new relationships. We will be getting to know each other’s names and sharing some information about ourselves. We will spend some time thinking about our feelings throughout the week to make sure we all feel happy and comfortable whilst we embark on our new adventure.

Please feel free to use the contact books to let us know if you have any questions or use the time before and after school to catch us.

We understand that this week will be an emotional one (especially for Mummys and Daddys) but we aim to fill it with as much fun and smiles as we can!

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